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Goes live today with some still from a stop motion video we put together to elaborate on the artists stories and works.

Art is the world that we live in.

Seen here: Tiffin Towers by Kunal Anand
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Kulture Shop India


A new Adventure called Kulture Shop

For the last 9 years i have been working as Cabein. A one man multi-discipline boutique design studio. Pushing art & design, identity, culture, print-making , music, organisations and independent thought.

These passions have lead me from Zimbabwe to London and in 2010, Bombay.

What seemed like a mad choice of relocation. actually made clear sense. To come back to the motherland and seek new adventures get to the roots of art, design, identity and culture which were blossoming across India, powered economic and social change.

Within a short space of time i had met Arjun Charanjiva and Jas Charanjiva , like wise obsessors of sub cultures, music, graffiti, design & art. We were soon enthralled in conversations and debates on how to change the design landscape and provide Indian graphic artists with a eco-system to flourish. For us design and art are vehicles to help us understand this crazy changing world we live in. We wanted to champion artists with a new perspective on India. These were our heroes, inspiration and friends. We wanted to connect these Indian artists with the world through objects that will be loved and cherished. We were tired of the same cliqued view of India churned out over and over again.

We wanted to see a fresh visual conversation take flight of what is today’s India, whats our place in it, where is it going and how graphic design could distill these conversation into their most simplistic form to produce art that could be accessible to all.

I proudly introduce Kulture Shop our labor of love and passion.

Arjun Charanjiva (CEO)
Kunal Anand (Creative Director)
Jas Charanjiva (PR)
Rajeev Sathe (Digital Director)

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Art of our Times

Launching in October 2013
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Stop, Go..Stop, Go, Change, Hi-5, Holt

Sleeping WatchmanSleeping Watchman

Invisible man

Cables, Roots, Lines, Veins, Pipes..

Coming Soon..

New Collaborations & New Adventures.
Coming Soon..

Artwork for Ska Vengers Album

Support independent Artists & Music coming out of India.

Gape-fold Sleeve design, booklet, CD, flyers, tour posters, badges and T-shirts

Silkscreens for T-shirt printing

Directed by Q

Produced by Stiff Kittens Inc
Filmed in New Delhi, India 2012

View More Here


Video – A day in Bandra with Poorna Jagannathan

A day in Bandra with Poorna Jagannathan
for Conde Nast Traveller

Capturing a little slice of Bandra through video, type and words. Thanks to the whole team involved.

View Video

Full Credits:
Director/Producer/Editor – Thomas Koshy
D.O.P – Kevin Pereira
Styling – Chandni Bahri
Post FX/CC – Jason John
Graphics & Typography – Kunal Anand @ Cabein
Music – Anjo John
Sound Mixing – Ashish
Hair- mad o wat

Some screen-grabs from working typography.

Sridhar/Thayil STD Album Artwork

The Rebels – Jeet Thayil + Suman Sridhar

Album Artwork

Been working on some album art for this mad, crazy, hedonistic, band of poets/musicians and wordsmiths.
More info and a preview of the long anticipated album from S/T


Sridhar/Thayil Self Titled Debut
Tour Poster

Album Artwork Processes

The design of the artwork followed the same vein, starting in a DIY style with a series of collages and typography, produced in collaboration with S/T.

A short interview on the design processes for
SoundBox Magazine – Walk through with the artist written by Divya Naik

Chapter 2/69 Process

So, 69, ongoing graphic novel series made up of 69 chapters, each re-interprated by a different artist. Written by a close friend, Karthik Ramachandra and exhibited once a month at False Ceiling gallery in Mumbai.

Karthik has been wanting to tell his story for some time, Chapter 1 was exhibited and he was looking for someone to take up the task of Chapter 2. It was interesting to collaborate with a fellow designer on a none commercial project, drawing on our love for art & design. We soon found ourselves having late nights sketching out the plot and drinking rocket fuel.

What interested me was seeing how the various styles and approaches of the different artists would develop over time and the challenge of drawing 25 spreads with an exhibition deadline looming just a few weeks away.

After receiving the script i roughly sketched different scenes in the margin to work out the various panels. Whilst also hanging and chatting with Karthik discussing the best way we could translate his script.

Then it was important to start some sketching, as it was 2 weeks to exhibition day. I started with the main charater, Karthik, his charater had to have the right overall look, simple to reproduce across different scenes and also extended into other characters in the story.

It was clear quite early that i wanted to simplify and lighten the overall feel. As this 2nd chapter is a sweet, light flirt before…

It made sense to start from where Fiza and Yogesh (previous artists) had left off. Having a slice of the previous chapter but at the same time an evolution.

Chapter 1 – Illustrated by Fiza Husain Khan & Yogesh / Chapter 2 – initial cover sketch by Cabein

The cover developed from this small b/w sketch, we begin where we left off…

Final cover

Text from the script was cut out and pasted on the various sketches to find the best positioning.
Below: Wall of notes per spread on colour, printing and text edits

Sketch and final colour.

Due to time i had to digitally colour the final images.
Ideally it would haven nice to paint the final panels.

Work Staff – Character sketches, adapted to “Match the following relationship game.

Rickshaw spread

Cell Framed and Opening Zenzi Spread.

<< READ 2/69 ONLINE >>

<< View photos from the exhibition >>

Chapter 2/69 Exhibition Photos


Click on the image above to view the full gallery.
Photography by Iza Viola

Special Thanks to Amar, Sejal, Riaz & Yogesh, Karthik Amrit, Shivraj and Alex for all they help.

Chapter 2/69 Exhibition 9th March 2012

Opening: 9th March 2012
Venue: False Ceiling Gallery
Address ambedkar rd, bandra, Mumbai, India 40050

Illustration, layouts and typography by Kunal Anand
Written by Karthikeyan Ramachandra

Here is a sneak peak at of Chapter 2/69, an ongoing graphic novel series based in Bombay written by friend and fellow designer Karthikeyan Ramachandran from Xtrathin.

“69 is the pattern that today’s youth finds themselves tangled in, as they navigate through a changing social environment. set in Bandra, the conflict between traditionally inculcated values and a global perspective is explored over two twisted relationships in one man’s life. A true story of fictional love, told over 69 chapters through a series of exhbitions over the course of 2012; you will be taken on a chemical journey of love, hate, betrayal and sex…”

Each chapter will be illustrated by a different artists in varying styles.

Chapter 1: 69, put your self in my pants & see
Illustrated by Fiza Husain Khan and Yogesh
Moods & Layout by Yogesh Walunj
Written and Directed by Karthikeyan Ramachandra

View the first Chapter and Subscribe here for updates.

Talented brother Randolph Correia from Pentagram and  Shaa’ir + Func, takes up the mantel next in Chapter 3.