Postcards from the Future Series

 This series of six artworks, generated using AI technology, explores marginalised communities of mechanized individuals in future Indian cities. Each robot serves a distinct purpose, adorned with brand logos that signify their potential functions. As cities expand, they naturally attract a growing workforce to meet their evolving demands. Yet, as industries and requirements change, this workforce is often left marginalized to fend for itself. The series draws inspiration from society's perpetual quest for the "new." 

6" x 6"

Square.postcard series of 4
120 gsm

₹ 600
Shipping not included


Selected Works

Say Less₹ 3,000

ESC₹ 4,000 each

The Citizen ...₹ 4,000

Cult Classics₹ 8,000 each

Dividing Lines₹ 2,000 each

FrequencySold Out

Kala Ghoda₹ 4,000 each

Tetrapods₹ 6,000

Tiffin Towers₹ 6,000

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